Trey Anastasio Band • Riverside 2022 • 18x24

$50.00 - $80.00

18"x24" screen printed posters for Trey Anastasio Band in Riverside, CA. Inspired by the rich citrus history of Riverside and the vintage styled orange crate labels.

- Regular variant printed on 100lb french paper
- Foil variant printed on rainbow foil paper
- 5 colors
- Blacklight reactive/fluorescent inks
- Artist Edition of 35 (regular) and 30 (foil)
- Signed by artist Nate Gonzalez
- You may order a singular regular and a singular foil, but not more than one of either
- Any orders with more than one of either variant will be automatically refunded and the prints will go back online to be available
- Note that these images shown are digital mocks, and due to the fluorescent inks used, the colors are much brighter in person (especially the orange), and the physical print looks slightly different than the digital

-Please allow 2 weeks for posters to begin shipping.
-Posters rolled in kraft paper and shipped in heavy 3”x24” Yazoo Mills tube

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